是潮人更不該放過這款 Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 花盆吧?



有想過花盆怎麼做變化嗎?常常看到想做造型的花盆卻反而不好看切又怪異,只好繼續擺著那一般般的無聊花盆,想換花盆的粉絲們不妨關注紐約的植物設計工作室 Bodega Rose ,常有一些融合植物以及品牌的設計,這次以推出以 Travis Scott 聯名版為原型的 Air Jordan 1 花盆。



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不僅是連標誌性的 LOGO 「倒鉤」,連縫線以及鞋帶等非常細節的部分也都做得非常精細,此花盆是以抽獎的形式販售,每張售價 $ 20 美元 (約台幣 $ 598 元),所有收益都將捐贈給 COVID 紓困基金。抽獎將於北美國東部時間 6 月 5 日截止,粉絲們趕快上官方頁面抽獎抽起來!



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Complacency will not be tolerated. Silence is not acceptable. America owes so much to the black community; I owe so much to the black community. Thank you for giving so much to the world. I am raffling the Jordan 1 Retro High Travis Scott Planter giving 100% of proceeds to the following organizations. I also will be donating daily to foundation to support black businesses, safety and health and the protest efforts. @covidbailoutnyc Color Of Change is the nation’s largest online racial justice organization, working tirelessly to end practices that unfairly hold Black people back promote solutions that move us all forward. @colorofchange Register to vote: Text: FLOYD to 55156 Love to everyone hurting right now, and if there are any other great organizations or groups in need of funding leave a comment below. ❤️ 🌸 🌺 🌹 #JusticeforFloyd #blacklivesmatter Link in bio!

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