KAWS 首次登陸亞洲開展,NIGO、吳建豪與 Eugene Tong 親身到場支持!

這個月來我們不斷地被 KAWS 的一舉一動洗版,你不能去厭惡他,畢竟他真的很厲害,只是在 2017 年來了一場大爆發罷了。明天是 KAWS x Jordan 的發售首日,之後還會捎來他與 Uniqlo UT 的第二波合作企劃,而現在如火如荼舉行的,是位於上海余德耀美術館的展覽「KAWS: WHERE THE END STARTS 始於終點」。明天正式對外開放民眾參觀,近期則有部分媒體與名人到場支持,OVERDOPE.COM 也收集了幾位分享給大家!(現場圖輯可參考 HYPEBEAST 專題:點此

@kaws exhibition preview at the Yuz Museum

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Very honored to see the painting I loaned for the new KAWS exhibition in Shanghai 🙏🏻

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All types of legendary @nigo @kaws

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About to get started @kaws congrats bro always next level

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@kaws 📸by @lopberry

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#insideyuz | “Just like a round circle, every ending is another beginning. While looking back over the past twenty years of KAWS's art career, this exhibition is also a new beginning of another art journey." — Andrea Karnes, curator of the exhibition KAWS: WHERE THE END STARTS has offically opened on March 26th, 2017 at Yuz Museum! We sincerely thank all guests from different domains for attending the opening ceremony. The exhibition will open to the public from tomorrow, March 28th. KAWS: WHERE THE END STARTS is not only the largest KAWS's exhibition in China, but also his first survey exhibition in Asia. Jointly organized by Yuz Museum and Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth in close collaboration with the artist, the exhibition will feature his key paintings, sculptures, drawings, toys, and advertisement interventions to examine KAWS’s prolific career in depth, revealing critical aspects of his formal, conceptual, and collaborative developments over the last twenty years. #yuzmusem #kaws #wheretheendstarts #exhibition #yuzfoundation #shanghai #westbund #modernartmuseumoffortworth #openingceremony #preview

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