說到抽鞋,首當其衝飛出腦海的絕對是 Yeezy Boost 系列,當大家都想抽鞋,但實際抽到鞋子的比例,公佈出來想必大家都會另尋管道,或是更認真賺錢買炒完價的。而還記得上禮拜 Yeezy Boost 350「Pirate Black」補貨而造成的搶購風潮嗎?這回知名潮店 Sneakerstuff 在 instagram 就來公佈所謂抽中鞋的機率。以這家店來說,他們被分配了 210 雙鞋,而將分配到「3」間門市,網路抽鞋以及員工內部抽,共「5」個地方抽籤。而員工 90 人抽 10 雙,機率很高,但這是內部,大家也無法干涉。而各個門店約為一百多個人會有一個人中,機率最低的是網路上抽籤,平均「330」個人抽「1」雙,這機率!而重點是這家鞋店已經算是被分配到較多鞋款配額的店,那其他鞋店中籤的機率可想而知,超低!

The Yeezyboost raffle is over for this time and we understand the frustration from our followers that didn’t win a pair. The demand is crazy! We had five raffles – one in Stockholm, one in London, one in Paris, one for our online customers and one for the Sneakersnstuff staff. In Stockholm we had 675 people signing up for the 40 pairs we had in stock. In Paris we had 506 people signing up for the 60 pairs we had in stock. In London we had 1089 people signing up for the 60 pairs we had in stock. For the online raffle we had about 16500 people signing up for the 50 pairs we had in stock. Then we had our staff raffle where we had 10 pairs available for the approximately 90 people we have working for us in Stockholm, Malmö, London and Paris. That in total is 18860 people that wants to buy one pair of the 210 pairs that we had available. Well the odds is not good as you can see. We wish that all of you guys could buy a pair BUT its just not possible. I mean if we could have sold 18860 pairs we would have been really happy. Believe us! 🤑 We just want to thank all of you that entered our raffles and wish you good luck next time. Have a great day everyone! ✌#sneakersnstuff #yeezyseason #yeezyboost

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