忍者龜的副業,Russell Westbrook 與 Tim Coppens 合作系列發佈

知名 NBA 球星 Russell Westbrook 對於他的時尚副業可從來沒歇息過,一直保持著與 Barneys New York 穩定的合作關係,而這回的對象請到了素有時尚界奧斯卡的美國設計師協會時尚大獎-男裝獎得主的 Tim Coppens。雙方對於這次的合作非常有共識,Tim Coppens 知道 Russell Westbrook 的輕鬆和隨意的輪廓,Russell Westbrook 則了解 Tim Coppens 中性的色彩和層次感的外觀,於是創造出了一系列帶有低調中性配色以及設計剪裁的休閒服飾。

Tim Coppens 也對這次合作發表了看法:「I’ve enjoyed getting to know Russell over the last few years as he has been such a great supporter of the Tim Coppens brand. Likewise, Barneys has supported us from the beginning as our first retailer for both the men’s and women’s collection. This collaboration felt natural for us and we are excited about the way the collection has come together」



source : hypebeast



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