Levi’s x BAPE 邁阿密限定系列正式曝光

BAPE 與丹寧品牌 Levi’s 近日正式發佈全新合作邁阿密限定系列,設計上使用 Levi’s 經典丹寧夾克式樣,搭配 BAPE 邁阿密門市的限定粉、藍配色迷彩。除了設計搶眼之外,機能上可看到丹寧夾克採用了正反兩面的雙拉鏈設計,讓系列中的外套單品可交錯搭配。Levi’s x BAPE 的邁阿密限定系列將於 3 月 6 日正式展開販售,感興趣的朋友不妨參考一番。



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Releasing exclusively at the @levis Haus Miami pop-up, 2 types of Levi’s classic TYPE III Trucker, Miami Indigo and Miami Camo will be released along with co-branded tee in soothing sea colorway. These Trucker jackets can be split apart and re-attached to either side of a special edition BAPE® Miami camo print Trucker. It’s a case of two jackets becoming four. Add to that a whole range of customization options—including BAPE® and Levi’s® patches and screen print graphics—and the Levi’s® x BAPE® collaboration is the ultimate in both personalization and one-of-a-kind collectability. Available on Friday, March 6th at the Levi’s® Haus Miami pop-up. RSVP for an opportunity to get your hands on a BAPE Trucker. More details on bape.com #LEVISxBAPE

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