Rich Chigga 和 Jaden Smith 相見歡?但我只注意他身上那件 Supreme x LV 夾克…

有在 follow 88Rising 的人相信都已經看到他們的最新貼文,Rich Chigga 和 Jaden Smith 兩人似乎挺麻吉的?兩人在用餐時共同合照了一張,並且 Rich Chigga 也在個人 IG Po 出了一同玩滑板的照片,相信各位都知道,Jaden Smith 雖然是不折不扣的星二代,但他的才華也是無庸置疑的,不僅有許多音樂作品,更參與多部電影演出,甚至替 Louis Vuitton 走秀並拍攝廣告。

Soho TriBeCa dream loop trifecta

88rising 发布于 2017年7月16日

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不知道有沒有人跟我一樣,看著他們兩個突然就想到了 Pharrell Williams 和 NIGO 的好交情,相信兩人這回的合體絕不只是相見歡而已,或許我們不知道的大計畫正在一點一滴醞釀中,有興趣的人還請密切鎖定 OVERDOPE 後續報導!

Colored✔️ c.syresmith switched it up once more✔️✔️✔️✔️ #jadensmith #newyorkcity

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Hyped up? I know I've said a lot of negative things about this collaboration which I completely stand by. But there were a few things inside the @louisvuitton x @supremenewyork collaboration that were ok. This jean jacket wasn't bad at all. @obj of course found a way to destroy it by pairing it with matching "jean short jorts" that he cut himself and he overpowered the look with a pair of Off White Jordan sneakers. Here however @c.syresmith makes a better showing of this jacket by incorporating it into his lifestyle (i.e. personal style) and it totally worked. Let's take a look at another surprise Jaden had under his sleeve while he was hanging with friends in the Big Apple❤️??✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️ #Jaden smith #louisvuitton x #supremenewyork

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