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硝煙彈雨,砲聲隆隆!Miley Cyrus 與 Dolce & Gabbana 公開互嗆!

知名藝人 Miley Cyrus 她的行事作風大家都知道,這回槓上的是義大利的 Dolce & Gabbana。這一切都從 Miley Cyrus 的一篇 Instagram 貼文而起,總之就是先感謝品牌邀請她的弟弟擔任 Dolce & Gabbana 2018 春夏大秀的模特,不過後來話鋒一轉馬上提到不認同 Dolce & Gabbana 的政治立場。因為此品牌是公開支持 Melania Trump(美國第一夫人)的,所以身為 Hillary Clinton 死忠支持者的 Miley Cyrus 一定要來嗆一下啦!

不過 Dolce & Gabbana 也不是省油的燈,除了在回應中直接嗆「因為你無知的言論我們再也不會跟他(Braison Cyrus,Miley Cyrus 的弟弟)合作。」也截圖在 Instagram 上轉貼發文並嗆「我們是做衣服是不管政治的,而且如果你以為發一篇文就是做政治是很愚昧的。我們不需要你的評論,下次請忽略我們吧!」

Congrats @braisonccyrus on walking in your 1st runway show…. It’s never been my little brothers dream to be a model as HE is one of the most talented musicians my ears have ever been given the gift of hearing…. BUT it is a Cyrus family trait to try everything once (within reason HA) and to embrace opportunities that encourage you to step out of your comfort zone! We believe in trying something new everyday! I love you Prince Suga Bear and seriously congratulations on your experience! I am so proud of you always…. From Nashville to Italy! 👑❤️👑❤️👑❤️ PS D&G, I STRONGLY disagree with your politics…. but I do support your company’s effort to celebrate young artists & give them the platform to shine their light for all to see!

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