Kaws 加上 Air Jordan!這也太豪華的陣容,收看本週 10 大球鞋攝影

又到了收看本週 10 大球鞋攝影照的時間,本週精彩程度比起以往完全不遑多讓,能夠看到以 atmos x Air Max 1 復刻聯乘鞋款拍攝的「elephant」主題,Kaws x Air Jordan 鞋盒上的紅「XX」搭配紅色地毯和 Air Jordan 1「Royal」展現十足奢華氣息,下方由 @rilesog 拍攝的「展示」照也氣勢十足,其他較基本的純拍鞋子雖然相較之下有些無趣,但搭配好的背景以及質量不低的球鞋,依然是一張足夠吸引眼球的球鞋攝影照,那麼廢話不多說,現在一起來看看吧!



Flipping nuts 🥜- work for @solebox and the re-release of the Air Max 1 x Atmos "Elephant" 🐘

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You was with your friends playin' Nintendo, I was playin' 'round with that fire.. 🎶 | 📸 @ihamishx

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Level'd up X X – Thank you @jumpman23

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Display goals

Ready 4 all this winter shit 2 be done with. 😑☔️☔️☔️

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又一雙重磅 Air Max 1


秀出你的 Ultra Boost

What's on your feet today? 🌪 Wearing these way too much lately ☁️

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off. the. wall.

Send flowers 🌼

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looks like I am wearing these pants for 2 weeks straight but sctually its just a coincidence 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Hammerhead. #crepecity

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