零售商吶喊:「求加碼!」adidas Originals YEEZY Boost 350 V2 供不應求!

如果一直有在關注 Yeezy Boost 銷售動態的粉絲們應該也有看到類似消息,就是這 V2 版本的生產量有比第一代多,不過想要的人還是多到不行。這回知名的球鞋網站 Sneakersnstuff 的 CEO Erik Fagerlind 在 Instagram 上面發出公開信,要求「加碼」!對於這 Yeezy 的飢餓行銷大家都看在眼裡,不過數量會少很大一部分是炒家囤貨,為了獲利目前 V2 的價格也提高到了 830 美金,許多真正想穿的買家更是無從入手啊!

It’s yeezy season… I think we had more simultaneous visitors than @adidasoriginals global production of the Yeezy 350. I see a lot of people angry, frustrated and sad. And I share their frustration. We do all that we can for a fair and smooth release – but since we get nowhere near the qty to cover even 1% of the demand, people still misstrust us. I think there is a lesson to be learned here @adidasoriginals. If you continue to undercut the market this hard, people will get tired of trying. I know it is not likely that you will sell us 50000 pairs (I’m game if you are…). But you have to level the field here. Disrupting the marketplace with chaos on release day feels very 2015, and you are the “brand of the future". I am in Herzo monday – happy to share all info, insight, feedback with anybody who cares #yeezy

Erik SNS Sneakersnstuff(@erikfagerlind)張貼的相片 於 張貼


source: hypebeast

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