瑞典球鞋店鋪 Sneakersnstuff 將與 adidas 推出 Ultra Boost 聯名鞋款!

adidas Ultra Boost 近期計畫推出許多全新配色,讓許多朋友感到期待,而此鞋款也成為 adidas 與許多店家聯名的鞋作基礎。今番,瑞典球鞋店鋪 Sneakersnstuff 在自己的 Instagram 澄清部分風聲,圖上的這雙 Ultra Boost 並不是他們的設計鞋款,但他們的確正與 adidias 籌備聯名作品,但此圖認真不屬於他們設計款,保證如有更多消息會第一手提供給大家!

As some people has seen, this picture has been circulating the Internet lately. Yes, we are doing a collaboration with adidas on the adidas Ultra Boost. But no, this is not the one. When the factory gets the job of making the shoe to our specifications they first try the material laying around to see if they will work together. Color is not important in this stage. And as people are eager to be first with all new information today (if you knew half of what we know is coming up in the next 9 months…), leaks of pictures from the factory are becoming more and more common. So yes – we are releasing a Sneakersnstuff x adidas Ultra Boost. But no, this is not the colorway we are doing. Official pictures will be posted soon! #sneakersnstuff

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