Yeezy 750 品質參差不齊?adidas 尷尬應對 Yeezy 750 Boost 質量問題

本月早些時候,眾多顧客反應 Yeezy 750 Boost 上的拉鎖出現嚴重質量問題。儘管 Kanye West 之前盡全力確保自己自己的第一雙 adidas Originals 聯名鞋款從設計到發佈、發售萬無一失,甚至親身前往工場探班,但擁有華麗外表的鞋款還是遭遇如此窘境。據 Complex 報導,adidas 官方也頗為尷尬的做出了回應,告知可以為顧客替換一雙全新的 Yeezy 750 Boost ,或者是全額退款;甚至會贈與代金券作為賠償的一部分(見以下原文)。正值 Yeezy Boost 350 全球發售之際,這樣的新聞無疑起到潑冷水的效果,也讓人不免擔心起來 Yeezy Boost 350 的質量問題。


Please accept our deepest apologies for the issues that you experienced with your Yeezy Boost shoes. We would like to offer you a replacement pair or a full refund.

If interested in a replacement, the new pair will arrive approximately late Spring so in the meantime, please reply to this note with a mailing address. We will issue you a FedEx label to return the defective pair along with your receipt. After inspection and if deemed defective, you will have the option to choose a replacement pair or a refund.

We realize that this is a long time to wait for a replacement, so we would like to offer you a voucher for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for your patience and again we apologize for any issues with your shoes.

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