FKA Twigs 擔綱《V Magazine》最新一期封面人物

一向以性感大膽而著稱的時尚雜志《V Magazine》,此番又公布了第 #93 期的封面人物,其中一位便是樂壇新晉女歌手 FKA Twigs。最新一期雜志取名爲「The Music Issue」,因此編輯團隊圍繞著音樂與時尚之間的關聯,與 FKA Twigs, Tinashe, Jessie Ware 和 Sam Smith 等一衆歌手展開深入探討。而封面也請來著名攝影師雙人組 Inez & Vinoodh 掌鏡拍攝,記錄下了 FKA Twigs 赤身裸體的極致誘惑。據悉這本雜志將于近期登陸《V Magazine》線上店鋪和報刊亭,盡請期待。

下面便帶來 FKA Twigs 個人專訪的節選內容,完整內容不妨點擊這裏查看,其個人最新專輯《LP1》目前也可經由 iTunes下載。

You were in a choir when you were young. Did that factor into your music?
I went to St. Edward’s, in Gloucestershire, and I was in choirs. When it was cold and raining, we’d go to rehearsal and learn about harmonies and dynamics. I’ve never been into the typical R&B voice, with runs and bluesy sounding words. That doesn’t suit me. As a ballet dancer, I grew up with classical music. I’m not a classical musician, but I like the way the music pays attention to dynamics.

What you gravitate toward has little to do with mainstream R&B, or whatever alternative R&B is.
If I say “alternative red” to you, it’s not red, is it? “Alternative R&B” is patronizing to R&B. R&B is R&B—it doesn’t need an alternative. There are plenty of artists now experimenting with electronic music, manipulating sounds. We can make a train into a synth. We can make drips into hi-hats. I can record sounds on my phone and make a song out of a city. I don’t know what that has to do with R&B.

In some of your songs, it’s not apparent where the downbeat is.
A famous artist said something to me about dancing. When you look at people dancing, it looks like some of them have no rhythm. But how can that be? When people dance around the beat, they might have a higher understanding of rhythm, the way dogs hear sounds that we can’t.

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