Safilo 推出 Marc Newson 眼鏡系列

意大利知名眼鏡品牌 Safilo 為慶祝 80 週年紀念,於今年的米蘭設計周中發表了與工業設計師 Marc Newson 合作打造的一個眼鏡系列。此番的聯名系列由 5 副光學眼鏡以及 2 副太陽眼鏡組合而成,除了沿用 Safilo 自創的輕質鐵絲 Optyl,更融合了Safilo UFO 眼鏡系列中的設計,並註入了一大批搶眼的配色加以點綴。對於此番系列,Marc Newson 說道:

For a designer, collaborating with such an iconic brand as Safilo, with its strong DNA and history of excellence, presents an extraordinary opportunity to explore new stylistic directions, combining the heritage of the brand with a fresh and innovative perspective. I enjoyed teaming up with this large, professional company that is properly industrialized and disciplined in the process of bringing the product to market, as well as a true expert in craftsmanship. At the end of the day, they want the product out there as swiftly as I do.

現該係列可經由 colette,Dover Street Market 以及 MR PORTER 等指定的零售商內購得,太陽眼鏡和光學眼鏡售價分別為 $343 和 $323 美金。

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