Nike 與 adidas 為獨立球鞋店鋪制定最低訂單標準

隨著球鞋文化的不斷發展,獨立球鞋店鋪也像雨後春筍般不斷增多。為此,運動界的兩大巨頭 Nike 與 adidas 最近便發布新政策,通過提高最低訂單標準的方式來控制這種局面,對於每年訂單金額無法達到 £25,000 英鎊的店鋪,兩大品牌便會停止供貨。根據《The London Evening Standard》的報道,這條政策將會嚴重影響許多當地鞋店的生存,其中一家店鋪 Ace Sports 的店主 Nick Mavrides 便告訴記者:

What they are doing is wrong. I have been an adidas and Reebok (which is owned by adidas) account holder for over 25 years and have always supported the brands. They just want to get into bed with the big chains — JD Sports, Foot Locker — and they don’t care about anyone else. Their action seriously affects my ability to conduct my business. It will have a catastrophic effect and force me to close.

對此 adidas 的發言人表示,做出這項決定是經過慎重考慮的,並且與品牌在全球的商業政策十分相符,從而通過最有效的方式確保銷售業務的可持續發展。而 Nike 的發言人也補充道,制定最低訂單標準的行為,是希望能夠促進店鋪增加運營成本,並為消費者帶來更好的消費體驗。



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